Caravan Cleaning

The new season is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about cleaning your caravan.

Many people might think caravans and cars are similar and could be tempted to dig out the car shampoo and jet wash when cleaning their ‘van. But, you need to remember that caravans have different paint and bodywork so need a less abrasive product so you don’t end up scratching the surface. Plus you need to take extra care with water, to prevent damage to the seals.

First we’ll start with some DON’Ts!


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SCC don’t use a high pressure washers or steam cleaner to clean your caravan.

This can damage the seals and longer term you could cause damage, and end up with a leaky caravan!

SCC Don’t use car or motorhome shampoo. These can be mildly abrasive and could scratch your caravan or could contain chemicals more suited to a car or motorhome paintwork.

SCC Clean your caravan from top to bottom, starting on the roof and working your way down.

“Your caravan is your pride and joy and can cost a lot of money, that’s why at SCC we use no Chemicals only purified water to restore your caravan back to a brilliant finish.

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