SCC ensuring your property looks good all year round

  • Clean panels more light hits more solar cells
  • Regular maintenance cleaning reduces module staining
  • Removes mould, mildew and other contaminants
  • Regular external maintenance reduces unnecessary repairs

As a business owner SCC understands how important it is to maintain the exterior of your property. We adapt our procedure to use low levels of pressurized water, and bio-degradable detergents to clean cladding. We do not use any hazardous chemicals that risk damaging your business surface or harming the environment.

SCC can clean any cladding whether aluminium, concrete, composite, powder coated, plastic (UPVC), stainless steel or glass, regardless of age or condition all our staff are trained to operate elevated platforms.

Using the latest in ‘Reach & Wash systems’ technology can save an average 40% off your overall cleaning costs whilst ensuring that there is no invasion of privacy.

When cleaning solar panels you should firstly always check with your solar panel manufacturer to see if your panels can be cleaned, without breaking or having an impact on your warranty.

SCC will avoid cleaning your panels when the weather is very hot, as spraying cold water on very hot panels could potentially cause damage.

SCC do not use any abrasive tools or products, again the best tools for cleaning solar panels are a water fed poles with a soft brushes.

SCC has over 10 years’ experience. All our dedicated staff are trained and accredited and has experience working elevated platforms.

For more information and a FREE quotation please call SCC Mobile 07779 610316 or Office 01530 484635 We are looking forward to taking your call.